Analyst / Engineer

About the Position: Perform analysis associated with the testing of gas material, failed components, and components removed from the field as a result of the re-dig program. Assist in the technicians in performing new gas materials testing, and in preparation of test results.  Provide enterprise wide support in implementation of best practices, consolidations of inventory, reduction in material cost and enhance long term system integrity of gas network. Perform failure analysis of materials and /or procedures to determine root causes and provide recommendations to prevent recurrence. Work with Codes and Standards in the development and implementation of material specifications and construction standards to install and maintain safe and reliable gas system while continuously improving business performance.  Position Responsibilities (including but not limited to): Provide enterprise wide support for testing, evaluating and standardizing materials Perform root cause analysis of materials failure in service or during installation and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence. Provide reports required by the regulators documenting the testing of new and failed components. Drive the organization towards standardization by consolidating materials, standards and specifications. Assure effective and timely development of change management plans for changes in materials and standards in concert with technical learning and process owners. Provide effective and timely technical support to the gas operating organizations and process owners for implementation of best practices. Support research, development and deployment of new technologies and materials to improve operations efficiency. Work effectively with Advanced Field Services in performing field trials to determine the applicability of new material, tools, and equipment into the gas system.  Assist Codes and Standards in implementation of new materials in storeroom stock utilizing inventory management system Assist Codes and Standards in the development of clear and concise construction standards and material specifications for enterprise wide application. Qualifications Knowledge & Experience Required: A bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline or material science is preferred Valid driver license and an acceptable driving record With an engineering degree, 5+ years of natural gas distributionexperiencepreferred. Minimum 15 years' experience in gas operations and supervision or engineering in lieu of an engineering degree Field experience related to the installation and application of gas system materials and tooling is preferable. Demonstrated technical writing ability and communications skills to disseminate changes effectively. Ability to support and influence process owners to meet materials and standards standardization needs. Exhibit personal commitment and integrity in supporting organizations effectively and in a timely manner Qualifications Required: Field experience or an Associate or a Bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline or science is preferred. Job Dimensions: Employees: Individual Contributor Asset Value: TBD Annual Payroll: TBD Capital Investment Program (Annual): TBD
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
15+ years

Don't Be Fooled

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