Building Maintenance Assistant

Electrical installation, repair, and maintenance of critical Data Center electrical equipment and controls located within the interior and exterior of building(s). Plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance of piping and associated equipment and components located in the interior and exterior of building. Installs, repairs, and maintains mechanical/electrical operating equipment and machinery. Conduct routine and on-going assessments of the building systems operations. Performs tests, rounds and analyzes data to ensure the proper functioning of departmental equipment. Monitor operation of the mechanical / electrical operating equipment.
Monitor the operations of the Critical Data Center Facility raised floor environment and associated buildings, make adjustment of refrigeration, heat exchanger, HVAC, electrical, emergency backup systems; monitors operation, adjusts, and maintains Central Plant, chilled water, and air conditioning equipment; ventilating and hot water heaters; pumps, valves, piping and filters; other mechanical and electrical equipment; record readings and make adjustments where necessary to ensure proper operation of support equipment. Requires the ability to analyze the operation of various systems, determine the cause of any problems/malfunctions and take corrective action as required.
Performs preventive maintenance on all base building and critical system equipment which includes but is not limited to: assembling all tools, supplies and instruments necessary to complete the job, performing work without disruption, conducting immediate clean-up of work area, completing the preventive task sheet, returning tools to workshop and unused supplies to store room.
Utilizes the 360 CMMS to maintain/manage; work orders, projects and specific training to completion within the required time.
Must learn and become proficient with the Data Center critical path, one-line drawings, equipment and procedures. Candidate will be required to complete ongoing certification training programs with a passing score.
Installs and repairs plumbing/piping/tubing; wire single and three phase motors (single & two speed); run conduit; pull wiring to machinery, motors, operating parts, etc.; install and rebuild pumps and motors; install and rebuild air compressors; heat exchangers; replace bearings in all types of motors; replace seals on pumps; install and repair piping, valves, filters, and associated controls; assist other mechanics and operators with major repairs and maintenance of building and equipment.
Installs, repairs, and maintains electrical controls, switching and motor controls.
Maintains tools and orders supplies as required for the installation and repairs of equipment
Complies with departmental policy for the safe storage, use and disposal of hazardous materials
Maintains a clean and safe workspace
Performs other duties as assigned
High School diploma or state equivalent required.
Completion of apprentice program, minimum of two years of related trade schooling or two years of college.
Military experience in related field.
Minimum four years' experience in electrical trade or related field or Minimum four years' experience in HVAC/refrigeration trade or related field or Minimum four years' experience in emergency backup systems (Generators, UPS, etc.)
Skilled in use of tools and machinery common to trade and craft. Knowledge of OSHA standards and city codes with respect to electrical systems.
Equivalent Military experience
Team player, hard worker, good interpersonal skills, ability to communicate well in both oral and written reports.
Familiar with computer equipment and Microsoft Office software or equivalent.
For internal candidates, must have consistently received a "meets expectations" job performance review.

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