Senior Operations Engineer

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Title Senior Operations Engineer
Cablevision Division Cable Operations
Department Name Critical Systems-LI
Job Location NY / Hicksville
Requisition ID 22982BR
Position Type Full Time
Description Responsible for the highly technical facilities equipment which support the Data Centers (headends); equipment types include emergency backup electrical systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS systems), transfer switch gear and generators. Responsible for other facilities functions such as HVAC and general infrastructure. Monitors and records the electrical consumption of the technical equipment put in the headends by the various other departments (BISC, RFDN, ISP, etc.). Works on large scale construction projects including coordination of vendors and communication with other building occupants. Maintains and updates the Building Management System (BMS). Runs reports and performs analysis; takes action based on review and analysis giving direction to changing set points. Oversees building fire/safety issues and responds to situations as required. Silences and resets alarm panels, takes fire systems off line and troubleshoots systems. Periodically start and test emergency generators. Performs visual inspection of the generator and fuel storage and determines if there are any obvious leaks or corrosion. Checks the block heater and batteries periodically. Transfers the building load onto the generators as needed. Additionally, for those buildings where we have on-site Load Bank equipment, be able to hook up and run load testing equipment. Assesses the electrical requirements for the building and if needed arrange for support with backup generators. Working closely with a licensed electrician hook up portable to existing switch gear; confirming the electrical equipment starts up properly and transfer building load to the temporary generators, if needed. Monitors, services and maintains all HVAC equipment. Completes more complicated repairs and preventative maintenance: including charging and reclaiming of refrigerant. Runs diagnostics and evaluates equipment, making assessments on necessary repairs. Identifies electrical issues and respond appropriately. Uses an Amperage Probe Meter to determine the current draw of a circuit, rack or other equipment. Uses the Digital Multi Reader for the measuring voltage from point "A to point "B and also the Mega Meter for determining the voltage of the technology equipment. Completes the verification of all electrical requests; confirming the electrical availability prior to any functional group plugging in any equipment within the headend rooms. Assists in equipment installations, overhauls, repairs, and preventative maintenance as directed by the supervisor. Monitors and maintains all UPS equipment. Additional responsibilities include monitoring and maintenance of the start, stop, and reading of the screens for the history or alarm information. When necessary be able to contact the vendor or other technicians for support. Performs weekly inspections of facilities in assigned region to gather information on conditions at our locations and ensure proper maintenance has been completed. Targets potential hazard situations and formulates corrective plans of action. Supervises and provides direction to outside vendors for maintenance work and other contracted service companies; evaluates their performance of service and execution of contracts. Reviews and verifies contractor billing with supervisor and manager. Performs their duties as assigned
Qualifications Associates or Bachelor''s degree preferred, minimum of 60 College credits required or military experience or technical/trade school certification. For internal candidates applying for other opportunities within the organization, the minimum educational requirement for college is strongly preferred but not required depending on relevant Cablevision work experience. 6 years experience in diversified Data Center facilities operations including hands on with generators, UPS and ATS equipment is required. Extensive training in relation to key electrical equipment is necessary. Certification of generator operations, Arch Flash safety training certification, certification of ASCO switch gear operational is necessary. Must have Certification in infrared camera operations and reporting. Must have Certification of refrigeration or work equivalent. Strong organizational skills with the ability to communicate with vendors, contractors and department personnel are required. General proficiency in office software applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Remedy is a must. Must have a clean valid driver s license. Must participate in after-hours emergency response stand by. This includes responding to fire and equipment alarms, power outages, weather and other events.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and maintain a drug-free and smoke-free workplace.
Area of Interest Engineering Technology

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